Trap Snacks. The World’s First Smart Snacks. Various Snacks. Plus QR codes to listen to your favorite artists, actors, comedians and much more on each package.

Trap Snack’s goal is to provide quality snacks while promoting other individuals and companies by providing a QR Code which enables the creation of limitless content. It’s the marriage of traditional and digital products.

Assorted Variety Pack




10 – 1 oz Snack Bags

You may specify 4 different flavors in the special instructions or notes. Also include your shipping information in the special instructions or notes. Please allow 1-3 days for processing.



Imagine you go into a store or receive your order via USPS, you open your package and one of the Trap Snacks bags. You’re enjoying the snacks and you notice the new Drake mixtape is on the front. You haven’t fully listened to the whole mixtape. So you take out your phone and go to your QR Reader app and scan the QR code on the Trap Snacks package and BAM!!!, you’re now rocking to the new song by Drake and Future. It’s dope. The product is dope. It’s so dope that you have to tell your family and friends about it. Your imagination is running wild because you too are a rap artist looking for new ways to get your music out to the masses and make some money in the process. You’re already envisioning your face or cover art to your next single on the front of Trap Snacks bags using all the different flavors that come in the assorted variety pack.  And you already know the rest of the story.


*Reggie Butter Popcorn

*Its Notcho Cheese Tortilla Chips

*Crip Ranch Tortilla Chips

*Its Notcho Hotho Cheese Tortilla Chips

*Really Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips

*Really Chili Cheese Corn Chips

*Sour C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Errythang Around Me)

*Baller BBQ Chips

*Cheese Twizzles Cheese Curls

*Trap Originals

*Trap Wavey Originals

*Cash Corn Corn Chips

*Go Getta Chedda and Sour Cream Chips

*Cash Out Caramel Popcorn and Peanuts

*Moolah Mesquite BBQ

*Money Honey Bun

*Oatmeal Scrill Pie

*Vanilla Scrilla Wafers