Trap Snacks. The World’s First Smart Snacks. T Shirts with QR codes to listen to your favorite artists, actors, comedians and much more on each shirt.

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You may specify your shirt selection(s) in the special instructions or notes. Also include your shipping information in the special instructions or notes. Please allow 1-3 days for processing.


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Imagine you receive your order in the mail. You’ve been waiting a little over a week for it to arrive. You open your package and it’s a smart shirt. It’s fresh. You’re evaluating it, the quality and the design. You also notice the QR code on it. After all, that’s the reason why you bought the shirt in the first place. It’s different. You’re like the first one with one of them. So you anxiously break out your smart phone with your QR Reader app and scan the QR code on the shirt and POW!!!, you’re now watching the new trailer for an underground movie that’s coming out soon. It’s dope. The product is dope. It’s so dope that you have to tell your family and friends about it. Knowing you, you are a clothes fanatic. You now have to have every smart shirt that Trap Snacks has to offer. You can’t take the chance of seeing a commercial 10 or 20 years from now saying if you own an original Trap Snacks smart shirt they could be worth thousands of dollars. So you get your debit card out and go to work. While you’re ordering your shirts you also decide to order an assorted party pack and a digital label also. Why not look fresh and feed your face at the same time? I mean YOLO. You Only Live Once. Right?